UdaraDe Silva


Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

2018 - 2023 Florida International University

In-band Full-Duplex, Digital Predistortion, Machine Learning, Real Time Systems and Applications, Advanced Microprocessor Systems, Advanced VLSI Systems

B.Sc. in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering

2011-2015 University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Advanced Algorithms, Modular Software Development, Computer Organization, Communications



2023 - Present Imec, USA.

Superconducting IC researcher working on developing digital system architectures and electronic design automation tools for superconducting digital logic circuits

Research Intern

2021 Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories

Investigated the use of 1D convolution neural networks(CNN) in digital pre-distortion(DPD). A realtime 1D-CNN based DPD system is implemented and tested on FPGA.

Software Engineer

2016 - 2018 Synopsys Inc.

As the primary developer of SDC parser in SpyGlass, worked on implementing new features using C/C++, Python, and Tcl,

Summer of Code

2015 Google Inc.

In GSoC 2015, proposed to develop a SDRAM controller using a Python high-level synthesis tool called MyHDL. SDRAM controller was verified in XuLA2-LX25 FPGA board

Electronic Skills

Computer Architecture

RF System Design

Digital System Design

Digital Signal Processing

Analog Electronics

Software Skills

Programming (C,C++,Java,Python,Matlab)

Data Structures and Algorithm Design

Embedded Programming (Linux)

Web Design (HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS)


Awards & Achievements

Bronze Medal

Math Olympiad

Winner (2 nd place)

MangoHacks 2019

Bronze Medal

Physics Olympiad

Winner (Sponsor Award)

ShellHacks 2019

Ranked 9 (Colombo) 23 (Island)


Most Outstanding Student

D.S. Senanayake College

Research Publications